Setting the bar for 5K Road Races

It seems that each year more and more 5K road races are added to the mix for summer running events, but the quality of these events are decreasing. From a runners vantage point I see the price to enter these events increasing and attendance decreasing. Is it really just the cost that is impacting this? I personally believe it is one of the components, but as a Race Director for the last six years I have learned that there is so much more that goes into this equation.

Strategic marketing vs. over marketing, cause of the event, cotton vs. tech shirts, plastic trophies vs. customized awards, cash awards vs. no cash awards, depth of age group awards, door prizes vs. no door prizes, Entertainment (DJ) vs. no DJ, chip timing vs. non-chip timing, Certified course vs. non-certified course, and the list goes on.

As a Race Director, these are definite attributes to consider in putting together a first class event for your participants, especially when races start to bunch up and fall on a same day. The pressure to continually improve the overall experience for your participants is higher than ever, and it will only get tougher year after year. The days of having your event exclusively on a particular weekend are nearly over, even within the same community.

The 5K Race for the Nation, while only in its sixth year running, welcomes this pressure and is poised to provide our participants with an experience that is memorable and hard to contend with.

So, you ask yourself, how is the 5K Race for the Nation setting the bar for 5K Road Races. It’s simple, we take a deep interest in our participant’s feedback and we use that to continually improve the event experience year after year.

What does that mean for the 6th Annual 5K Race for the Nation on August 24th?

  •  5K Course is fast, flat and certified by USATF!
  • Chip Timing with Results Kiosks onsite by SpectaSport this year!
  • Over $1,000 in cash prizes to the open and masters divisions!
  • Nationally famous race announcer Joe Jefferson on the mic!
  • Cheerleaders (All Star Rebels Competition Cheer Squad)!
  • Dri-Fit Tech Shirt included with pre-entry!
  • Many hundreds of dollars of merchandise in Door Prizes!
  • Age Group Awards through 70yrs+!
  • $15 Pre-registration fee for the 5K thru August 1st!
  • Lastly, multiple causes benefitting from this event (Local Youth Sports Teams, Wounded Warriors and the Navajo Nation)

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